[Info] Sukira Schedule 140818 – 140824


[Mon] 140818  with Lee Han Chul, Editor-Hwang Min Young,
[Mon] 140818         Park So Young, Royal Pirates Moon
[Tue]  140819  with Kim Young Hee, Seo Tae Hoon, DICKPUNKS Tae Hyun
[Wed] 140820 with Hong Dae Kwang, Ubare, Park Jae Jung, Park Boram     (viewable)
[Thu]  140821 with Red Velvet                                                                          (viewable)
[Fri]    140822 with Lee Kuk Joo, Sunday, Lee Jae Kyun                                 (viewable)
[Sat]   140823 Part 1 with Daybreak, Song Ha Ye
[Sun]  140824 Part 1 with Oh Ji Eun, Kwon Soon Il, Kim Gan Ji
[Sun] 140824  Part 2 with Jaejoo Boys Park Kyung Hwan