[Notice] Food support for Ryeowook’s musical (updated 30th June)

Hi Ryeowook fans,

As you know, Ryeowook has been cast in his first ever musical, Temptation of Wolves (늑대의 유혹). It has been his dream to be in a musical and this dream has finally come true.

This is a project by love-ryeowook.net to raise funds for food support for the musical. We need quite a substantial sum of money as the custom in Korea is that the food support is provided for the idol, the other actors and the musical staff.

Please note that the exact type

of food support depends on the funds collected. We are planning to provide food support for rehearsals and if possible, for a performance day.

If you wish to contribute to the support project, please email weloveryeowook@hotmail.com with your name and the amount you would like to give. We have friends in various countries who can act as representatives to collect your donations. Alternatively, you can send the money via Paypal (we will give you the account after you send us an email).

Thank you for reading and for supporting Ryeowook ^^

UPDATE (30th June 2011):  The date of love-ryeowook.net’s food support project has been pushed back. In our last update on 28th June, we said that it will be during  Ryeowook’s rehearsal  in the second week of July. But we were informed that the slot is not available. So the deadline for donations to reach us for this round of  support has been extended to 9th July 2011. We’re sorry that the dates keep changing  but some circumstances are beyond our control. We hope to be able to carry out our support project out as soon as possible. We will update again when we have information.  Thank you for your patience and thank you all who have contributed, spread the message or helped us in one way or another.


13 thoughts on “[Notice] Food support for Ryeowook’s musical (updated 30th June)

    • Hello, thanks so much for the offer. We’ll let you know if there’s anything you can help us with. Hope you don’t mind me asking… will you be in Seoul and do you speak Korean?

  1. Hi there, thank you for putting together this project. Is there an update for this? Amount collected? When sending over? As of 21 July 2011. Thank you! 🙂

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