Ryeowook’s Birthday Gifts and Card

110625 Ryeowook’s Birthday Gifts and Card from love-ryeowook.net and Ryeowookstar.com

SJ-M attended MTV EXIT Concert in Chiang Mai and one of our admin had a chance to go there. We together with Ryeowookstar.com prepared some gifts for Ryeowook.


  • 12Plus Cologne Ryeowook ver.

We gave every versions of 12Plus Cologne that have him as presenter on the bottles.

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab Leather Soft Case

We noticed he tweeted with Android although he lost his Samsung Galaxy S already. We assumed he has Galaxy Tab. So we decided to buy him a case for it.

  • Mousepad

  • Mini Rabbit with Birthday Date on 6/21

Lucky it’s coincidentally purple, Ryeowook’s favorite color.

  • Postcards

We just select random postcards about Thai food and sightseeings in Thailand.

We select this card because we know he loves food and he ever mentioned about Phad Thai before and we want him to try Thai Iced Tea.

The reason we select this one because he loves to eat fruit and another reason is because there’re watermelons in this card. We all know that he loves to eat it LOL

Elephant dolls

Handmade Card


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