[Report] Our food support project for Ryeowook’s musical


On June 9, 2011, we posted a notice to raise funds for our food support project for Ryeowook’s musical.

We’re pleased to announce (if you didn’t already know) that the joint food support with FedoraWook and RyeowookStar was carried out successfully on July 12 during Ryeowook’s musical rehearsal. Ryeowook tweeted about it (sadly, he did not specifically name us) but we’re happy to report that he did sign a poster for all three sites involved in the joint project. But more on that later.

First, this is the sticker that was made for the food support.

The boxes of food that were delivered by our partner site FedoraWook to the rehearsal venue on July 12, 2011.

The sticker.

The lunch boxes inside… we prepared 60 sets.

There was also candy, confectionary and 56% chocolate.

Custom-made towels.

Hello Kitty ice cool packs.

Everything put in a bag.

Specially for Ryeowook… Blueberry juice and cool patch.

These pictures were tweeted by a member of the musical staff @LJDHA

Our conversation on Twitter…

@WeLoveRyeowook: @LJDHA Hello~ We are <love-ryeowook.net> Ryeowook international fans. We are glad that you enjoy delicious food. Thank you so much. Temptation of Wolves daebak!! Hwaiting!! ^^

@LJDAH: @WeLoveRyeowook Thank you very much!!^^ Thanks to you Temptation of Wolves will be completely perfect!!

Ryeowook’s tweet.

[TRANS] @ryeong9: Everyone from ‘Fedora’ family today I ate the food well ^^~ The actors as well as all staffs asked me to say thank you ^^!!! Everyone was cheered up and be able to start the performance ^^~ Hwaiting >< Thank you KyaKya

The signed poster to all three sites.

[TEXT] To. 페도라! 려욱스타! love-ryeowook ♥ Super Junior 려욱 🙂 음식 너무 맛있었어요~! 고마워요~ 사랑해 ♥

[TRANS] To. Fedora! Ryeowookstar! love-ryeowook ♥ Super Junior Ryeowook 🙂 The food was very delicious~! Thank you~ I love you ♥

We at love-ryeowook.net could not have done it without each and everyone who responded to our calls for donations. We would like to thank the following who donated a total of nearly US$350 to us:

  • Love욱More
  • @fflorax
  • @wookiswook
  • Lacey Garcia
  • @SarahLois15
  • @dollykyucandy
  • @angie_neo
  • Avada
  • Nanda Anindya
  • @Tyteen
  • @StarKarz
  • fatin_wookie

Thank you also to our friends and supporters who helped us in many other ways.

We would like to thank our partners, FedoraWook and RyeowookStar. Especially FedoraWook, without whom we would not be able to carry out the food support.

And finally, the most important person.  Thank you Ryeowook, for bringing us joy with your beautiful voice and for just being the adorable person that you are. We’re proud to be your fans.

Temptation of Wolves, daebak!


4 thoughts on “[Report] Our food support project for Ryeowook’s musical

  1. Big Thanks for everyone who join this “food support”~~
    and I am glad to have the honour to participate in this Food Support ^^
    and last, wish RyeoWook’s first Musical performance (8/10) will be Perfect Success~

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