[Trans] 6th album press conference interviews – Ryeowook excerpts

On how Super Junior has stayed together for so long
Members support one another when we have difficulties. Last year, I experienced a slump and Leeteuk-hyung helped me. We have so many members so, just like my case, when a member has a hard time, another member gives support. This time, I was very happy preparing for the sixth album.

On his competition with Sonya on Immortal Song 2
Sonya-noona, by the way, she always asks me to have a drink together. And she’s really kind to me. If it looks like I was afraid of her, that was a staged reaction for the program. The viewers are saying “Ah, when will Ryeowook win against Sonya?”. Before long, before I step down from the program, I will win against Sonya-noona for sure.  After appearing in IS2, I am getting more recognised by the public. I am a vocalist but Super Junior has a stronger image as entertainers. I chose IS2 because I want to make sure to be shown as “a singer Ryeowook”. Nowadays, I am achieving a little something step by step. I will work hard in everything.

On ‘Sexy, Free & Single’
The title song is written by Danish songwriters just for us (Super Junior). When we first listened to it, the members reacted differently, but I had a good impression. I would like to sing something mild and it satisfied my wish. And the choreography is so complex that we can show a new side of ourselves different from the former performances. Please look forward to watching the gentle and sexy performances.

On Kangin
The members were able to follow the choreography after three days, but Kanginie-hyung couldn’t. So he started to practise a week earlier. The choreographer had a hard time (laughs). At first, I was worried whether he could fit well into our group performance, but he is a member of Super Junior as well. He fitted in smoothly.

Source: Newsen ; Sports Hankook ; Osen

Credit: Translated by 너무예뻐 for love-ryeowook.net
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1 thought on “[Trans] 6th album press conference interviews – Ryeowook excerpts

  1. sweet guy Kim Ryeowook ^^
    i think the hard moment he experienced last year was his grand mother death ?
    i’m glad he find support from his hyungs when he needs it.
    “but he is a member of Super Junior as well. He fitted in smoothly.” indeed a true Super Junior !

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