[Fanaccount] 121020 SJ 7th anniversary fanmeeting – Ryeowook excerpts

During the OX (true/false) session
The question was: “Honestly, the members think SJ fans are getting older as well”.
Many members chose O (true).
Then the MC asked Ryeowook directly: “Why did Ryeowook-ssi choose ‘O’? Why do you think SJ fans are getting older?”
Ryeowook said: “Honestly, I think the spritual age of SJ fans is very young. Thanks for your huge support for these seven long years. I’m very touched, I love you.”
Then the MC said: “Ryeowook-ssi wrapped up this question beautifully. I saw Ryeowook-ssi on Weekly Idol the other day and you were very funny. You sang Daejeon Blues…”
Then Ryeowook said to him “Please move on to other questions quickly.”
The MC replied: “I did not realise you speak this well.”

When the clips from the Flower Boys movie (Attack on the Pin-Up Boys) was shown
All the members laughed hard including Ryeowook. Kangin and Eunhyuk did high-fives with Ryeowook.
After that, the MC said: “That movie is still played on cable movie channels from time to time, and I watched it too. You must have lots of memories from filming this movie. Please tell us something, Ryeowook-ssi?”
Ryeowook said: “After filming that movie, I thought I would become a king of entertainment programs.”
The MC replied: “You acted really well.”
Ryeowook said: “Well, but because the movie flopped… I think I will play in a movie again someday.” (laugh)
The MC said: “Then Flower Boys 2 will be released soon?”
Ryeowook replied: “Then I will make an investment in it.”

For the sports game between Handsome and Non-Handsome teams
The leaders of each team – Siwon and Eunhyuk – were already decided and each leader had to choose his team member.
When it was Eunhyuk’s turn to choose the first member, he chose Yesung.
Then, when Eunhyuk was about to choose his second member, many fans were shouting “Ryeowook! Kim Ryeowook!” very loudly.
So Ryeowook said: “I’m in, right?”
But Eunhyuk chose Kyuhyun.
Then Eunhyuk chose Ryeowook, saying “Ryeowook-ah, come here.”
Ryeowook replied “Me?” and went to Eunhyuk’s side coolly.

When all the members said parting words to Leeteuk
Ryeowook said with teary eyes: “I’ve never said this in front of so many fans… I love you, hyung.”
Leeteuk said a moment later: “Hew… this is hard… I love you too, Ryeowook.” and tried to hold back his tears.

Source: Anonymous fan


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