[Fancam] 130216 SJM Fan Party in Bangkok [by love-ryeowook]

Introduce song + ME (Acappella ver.)
With lucky fans
They did lucky draw to get 4 lucky fans to take pic with SJM on stage. Ryeowook read the seat number of lucky fan (zone…row…seat…) on the paper and stuck at seat no. ’19’ then asked Donghae how to read it but finally Ryeowook pronounced it in Thai ‘Sib Kao’ (=19). 2 of the lucky fans are Ryeowook’ fans.
During the 2nd pic they show in this vid, you can see Ryeowook try to talk but get interupt many times. Fans, MC and Siwon noticed it and let him talk finally. What he want to say is he want to ask who’s standing behind them in that pic. The anwser is their manager, Alex Kim.
At 7.59, MC was surprised with Ryeowook’s pose in the pic. He said how can RW do that pose & his body is very flexible. Kyuhyun wanted Ryeowook to do that pose. Then Donghae said let’s get Ryeowook show how he did it. Ryeowook said this pic used CG (computer graphics), so he couldn’t do it but MC won’t believe it and said it’s a true pic. Then everyone cheer him to do the pose. Finally he did it but not as flexible as in the pic. MC said because RW didn’t wear the expensive shorts like in the pic. (They all joke about the shorts members wore in the pic that the shorts are very expensive.)
Ryeowook’s Talk before last song
Ryeowook said Unfortunately there’s only 1 round (of Fan Party in Thailand) but please wait for Super Show 5. We prepare another song, please listen to it.
SJM band (Ryeowook playing piano)
It’s not full song because staff kept watching and walking around sometimes.
Xing Qing (星晴)


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