[Pic] 130610 Sukira official update (31P)

Broadcast date: 130606
 photo 5564.jpg
 photo 5565.jpg
 photo 5566.jpg
 photo 5567.jpg
 photo 5568.jpg
 photo 5569.jpg
 photo 5570.jpg
 photo 5571.jpg
 photo 5572.jpg
 photo 5573.jpg
 photo 5574.jpg

Broadcast date: 130605
 photo 5576.jpg
 photo 5577.jpg
 photo 5579.jpg
 photo 5592.jpg
 photo 5595.jpg
 photo 5593.jpg
 photo 5594.jpg
 photo 5596.jpg
 photo 5597.jpg
 photo 5598.jpg
 photo 5599.jpg
 photo 5600.jpg
 photo 5601.jpg
 photo 5602.jpg

Broadcast date: 130608
With Shindong, Henry
 photo 5523.jpg
 photo 5524.jpg
 photo 5525.jpg
 photo 5530.jpg
 photo 5531.jpg
 photo 5532.jpg
Credit: KBS Sukira homepage

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