[Info] Sukira Schedule 131230 – 140105

[Mon] 131230  with ILAC, Beige                                                                         (viewable)
[Tue]  131231 with Kim Young Hee, Seo Tae Hoon, DICKPUNKS Tae Hyun
[Wed] 140101 with Juniel, SPEED Taewoon, HISTORY Jang Yi Jeong,
[Wed] 131225         BTS Rap Monster, Bestie Hyeyeon, 2EYES Daeun,
[Wed] 131225         LADIES’CODE Soojung
[Thu] 140102  with Okdal, VIXX N                                                                     (viewable)
[Fri]   140103  with WINTERPLAY Hyewon, Oh Cho Hee, 100% Min Woo      (viewable)
[Sat]  140104  Part 1 with The BOSS
[Sat] 140104   Part 2 with SORAN Ko Young Bae
[Sun] 140105  with TOXIC


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