[Info] Ryeowook’s schedule for The Goddess is Watching musical

Ryeowook’s performances up till July 27, 2014
May 09 (Fri) 8:00 pm
May 10 (Sat) 3:00 pm
May 10 (Sat) 6:30 pm
May 16 (Fri) 8:00 pm
May 17 (Sat) 6:30 pm
May 30 (Fri) 8:00 pm
May 31 (Sat) 3:00 pm
May 31 (Sat) 6:30 pm
Jun 07 (Sat) 6:30 pm
Jun 08 (Sun) 5:30 pm
Jun 14 (Sat) 6:30 pm
Jun 15 (Sun) 5:30 pm
Jun 27 (Fri) 8:00 pm
Jul 05 (Sat) 3:00 pm
Jul 05 (Sat) 6:30 pm

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Date: April 26, 2014 ~ July 27, 2014
Venue: Doosan Art Center, Yonkang Hall
Run time: 120 minutes
Ticket price: R section 70,000 won / S section 60,000 won / A section 50,000 won
Foreigners can buy tickets here

The Goddess is Watching is a Korean original musical which got rave reviews during its first and second run last year. This is its third run.

It won the following awards last year:
1) Best Script at The Korea Musical Awards
2) Best Original Musical at The Musical Awards
3) Best Musical at The Assembly Awards

The story is about 6 soldiers – 4 North Koreans and 2 South Koreans – stranded on an uninhabited island during the Korean War (June 1950 to July 1953).

A South Korean captain named Han Yeongbeom was transporting four North Korean prisoners of war by ship to a prison camp.

But the North Koreans overpowered their captors and took control of the ship. However, the ship was eventually wrecked, leaving the soldiers stranded on a deserted island.

The only person who can fix the ship is North Korean Ryu Sunho (the character played by Ryeowook). However, traumatised by his tragic past, he is too mentally unstable to repair the ship.

In order to heal Sunho so that they can get off the island, Yeongbeom invented a fictional goddess to comfort him and to persuade him to fix the ship.

When they first reached the island, the soldiers were at one another’s throats. But for their own survival, they pretended to believe in the goddess, set rules to follow while on the island, and tried to get along with one another.


Warning: Major spoilers ahead – text in white; highlight with cursor to read (This is meant for those who may not be able to follow the storyline when they watch the musical. Do not continue reading if you do not want to know more.)

1. Sunho’s tragic past
Sunho and his older brother were drafted into the North Korean army and served in the same unit. One night, his older brother tried to desert on his own, abandoning Sunho. Sunho followed him and witnessed his brother being shot to death.

2. The reveal
It seemed that the soldiers had made peace with one another. But Yeongbeom had been trying to secretly contact the South Korean army to rescue him. He eventually succeeded and South Korean forces started to attack the island.

Then Sunho’s secret was revealed. All this while, he had been pretending to believe in the goddess because he wanted the soldiers to stay peacefully on the island. But during the bombing, he came face-to-face with the goddess and really came to believe in her.

3. Ending
All 6 soldiers joined forces to overcome the crisis and successfully left the island and went their separate ways.

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  2. Checked the website you provided to see the ticket prices. What does R, S, and A stand for? Based on their differences I take it that the R section is closest to the stage?

    • R, S and A represent the seat sections of the performance hall. It is clearer when you look at the seating plan but R is the section that is the centre block of seats on the 1st floor ie best view. S are the seats at the left and right side of 1st floor and the centre block on the 2nd floor. A are the seats on the side blocks on 2nd floor.

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