[Pic] 140705 The Goddess is Watching (64P)

Last 2 performances on 140705. Sorry for not being able to separate into 2 posts because some of the original photos did not say from what time so I decided to just put it all together. By just looking at the photos, makes me cried and feel really proud of him 🙂


IMG_8989_filteredIMG_8566 IMG_8696_filtered IMG_8733 IMG_8759_filtered IMG_8802_filtered IMG_8837_filtered IMG_8910_filtered  IMG_9044_filtered IMG_9148_filtered

Credit: naryeowook (na-ryeowook.com)

1 2 3 4

Credit: lovelyryeo

Brx1suWCQAALs86.jpg-largeBrxyRHcCUAEqtNy.jpg-large Brxz9JRCQAAmG6U.jpg-large BrxzUDqCAAA1c2u.jpg-largeBrxQ_9eCQAId6De.jpg-large

Credit: HearingRW

859287620 859287841 859287959 859288946  859288166 859288697 859288754859288086 859288014 859288877  859289101 859289244859288809 859287560 859287728 859288120  859289341859289296

Credit: smile again

Brx96EzCYAEF4A4.jpg-large Brx-Ri3IYAA7AxE.jpg-large Brx-KN4CUAA1Ks4.jpg-largeBrx9_GFCIAEbS_v.jpg-large Brx9O1kCYAENJfR.jpg-large Brx9yUHCcAIZVYc.jpg-large BryA5YZCQAAOGxv.jpg-largeBryFH3xCAAE2KCn.jpg-largeBryiHyCCEAEb-J8.jpg-large BryiSxpCUAAjoE8.jpg-largeBrx_4k9CQAIp7-L.jpg-large  BryAyddCAAAQdyo.jpg-large BryFH3xCAAE2KCn.jpg-large

Credit: jrx04

Bry4qWJCUAAYvyi.jpg-large Bry6dAYCIAA6cW7.jpg-largeBry_OG0CUAA1mDa.jpg-large

Credit: 3vouu3Looi

Bry5Aa1CIAEwWy2.jpg-large    BrzAcvoCMAAkEXf.jpg-large

Credit: gang2b

IMG_%EC%88%9C%ED%98%B8 IMG_0970

Credit: ANCHOA

BrygazMCMAEKgDc.jpg-large Bryi4YvCMAAzJ-p.jpg-large  BrykUacCcAAV-hq.jpg-large   BrygazMCMAEKgDc.jpg-largeBryka7cCEAAyKS9



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