[Tutorial] How to buy MAMACITA album from Melon


For International fans who uses iPhone or iPad.

Note: You have to have Melon ID, iTunes Korean account for this to work.
For those who do not have iTunes Korean account, you can create it by following this instruction:

1. Log out from your current account
2. Create new account, choose country: 대한민국
3. Fill in all the requirement informations.
4. For the billing address and phone number, you can use any address in Korea such as hotel, hostel, shops etc.
5. Login to your Korean ITunes account and search for 멜론
6. Download the application, open the application and follow the instruction on the picture below
BwJEQkDCUAAh35L.jpg-large 2
BwJEQkDCUAAh35L.jpg-large 3
BwJEQkDCUAAh35L.jpg-large 4
BwJEQq1CEAEypL5.jpg-large 2
BwJEQq1CEAEypL5.jpg-large 3
BwJEQq1CEAEypL5.jpg-large 4
BwJEQndCUAASxFS.jpg-large 2

Once you have purchased the coupon, logging to your melon account on the web
Download melon player then you can start download ing the song.

Credit: @ywcara




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