[Info] Sukira Schedule 150504 – 150510

[Mon] 150504 Part 2 with Hong Jin Ho, Juniel                                                   (viewable)
[Tue]  150505 Part 2 with BTS                                                                           (viewable)
[Wed] 150506 Part 2 with Rainbow Ji Sook, BTOB Eun Kwang&Chang Seop (viewable)
[Thu]  150507 Part 2 with Son Jun Ho, Julian, Orange Caramel Raina             (viewable)
[Fri]    150508 Part 1 with Jang, Hyun Seung, Jun Hyo Seong                          (viewable)
[Mon] 150420 Part 2 with Kim Min Kyung, UNIQ                                               (viewable)
[Sat]   150509 Part 1 with Hu An Na, DICKPUNKS Tae Hyun, Jung Won Young
[Mon] 150420  Cross Gene Shin
[Sun]  150510 Part 1 with Royal Pirates, Lim Kim
[Mon] 150420 Part 2 with Lee Seung Yoon, Kim Soo Young

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