[Fanaccount] 121020 SJ 7th anniversary fanmeeting – Ryeowook excerpts

During the OX (true/false) session
The question was: “Honestly, the members think SJ fans are getting older as well”.
Many members chose O (true).
Then the MC asked Ryeowook directly: “Why did Ryeowook-ssi choose ‘O’? Why do you think SJ fans are getting older?”
Ryeowook said: “Honestly, I think the spritual age of SJ fans is very young. Thanks for your huge support for these seven long years. I’m very touched, I love you.”
Then the MC said: “Ryeowook-ssi wrapped up this question beautifully. I saw Ryeowook-ssi on Weekly Idol the other day and you were very funny. You sang Daejeon Blues…”
Then Ryeowook said to him “Please move on to other questions quickly.”
The MC replied: “I did not realise you speak this well.”
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[Fancam/Fanaccount] 110926 SJ at Incheon airport immigration

My friend (fflorax) and I flew to Korea on Sept 26th for Ryeowook and Hyungsik’s Dream Day. Our flight arrived at Incheon airport at about 8:10am. It just so happens that Super Junior were returning from Beijing that morning and their flight was to arrive at 11.50am.

We decided to wait for the boys to arrive as we wanted to hand our gifts to Ryeowook. We decided to give it to him earlier rather than after the musical as there’s a chance we may not catch him.

So after figuring out which gate they will be coming out from, we waited inside the arrival area for three hours. Inside the arrival area, the flight information board does not show if the plane has landed so we had no idea when to expect them.  Continue reading

[Fancams] 110429 PD K-Pop Charity Concert part 2 [SJ]

I should have my fancams to share but I sit too far from the stage. So better post fancams of others who are near the stage more. I can’t see any detail good enough to do the fanaccount but just a little thing to share is after SJ finished first song Bonamana. Every members came to do self introduction including Henry and Zhoumi and talked with MCs a little bit. Then SJ-M had to change their clothes and it took time for a while like 3-5 minutes. After that SJ-M came to perform 2 songs, Perfection and Super Girl. Then SJ-T and ended with Sorry Sorry. During the talk, Ryeowook stood in the center when female MC (Tata Young) came to greet every SJ members. He looks handsome last night with black suit and necktie. He didn’t talk much except introduced himself but he waved goodbye for the fans when they finished the last song Sorry Sorry and walked back to backstage. I don’t know why but he looks very very small among other members. I know he’s the smallest but last night maybe because of black suit and wonder whether he wore the shoelifts or not.

Super Girl [Ryeowook focus] ***update***

Sorry Sorry [Ryeowook focus] ***update***

credit : PoNDkY@Ryeowookstar

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