[Trans] 6th album press conference interviews – Ryeowook excerpts

On how Super Junior has stayed together for so long
Members support one another when we have difficulties. Last year, I experienced a slump and Leeteuk-hyung helped me. We have so many members so, just like my case, when a member has a hard time, another member gives support. This time, I was very happy preparing for the sixth album.

On his competition with Sonya on Immortal Song 2
Sonya-noona, by the way, she always asks me to have a drink together. And she’s really kind to me. If it looks like I was afraid of her, that was a staged reaction for the program. The viewers are saying “Ah, when will Ryeowook win against Sonya?”. Before long, before I step down from the program, I will win against Sonya-noona for sure.  Continue reading

[News] 111019 Ryeowook ‘donates’ 3.86 tons of rice to elderly


Fans of Ryeowook sent a total of 3.86 tons of rice wreaths to congratulate him for his musical Temptation of Wolves, which started its run on July 14, 2011.

On Oct 18, 2011, the rice collected was, on Ryeowook’s request, delivered to the elderly in four ‘dong’ (neighbourhoods) in Gwanak-gu (Gwanak district).

They are: 1.36 tons to Haengun-dong; 1.2 tons to Nakseongdae-dong; 800kg to Inheon-dong; and 500kg to Jungang-dong.

The wreaths were sent by fans from 10 countries, including Korea, China, Japan, Singapore and New Zealand.

Including those for other actors, a total of 5 tons of rice wreaths were donated for the Temptation of Wolves musical.

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Source: TV Daily & Star N News
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