[Info] Musical ‘Temptation of Wolves’ Ryeowook & Hyungsik DREAM-DAY

Finally Ryeowook get a chance to perform with his lovely dongsaeng, Hyungsik!! This is a special stage summer event of the musical <Temptation of Wolves> which has only 2 rounds.

Performance info

Date & Time:

22nd September 2011 (Thursday) 8pm

28th September 2011 (Wednesday) 8pm


Coex Artium Hyundai Art Hall

Ticket sale:

Advance – 31st August 12pm

General – 31st August 1pm
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Ryeowook’s First Musical ‘늑대의 유혹’ [Temptation of Wolves]

Super Junior’s Ryeowook cast in his first musical role

Super Junior’s Ryeowook has been cast for his first-ever musical!

The idol will soon be making his musical debut through ‘Temptation of Wolves‘, a drama dealing with teens in love and the struggles that come with it. It’s been described as a ‘jukebox musical’, in which popular idol songs and the original story come together for a unique theatrical experience.

Ryeowook will play the main character, ‘Jung Tae Sung’, who was portrayed by Kang Dong Won in the original movie.

SM Entertainment stated, “Ryeowook’s exceptional vocals have previously been recognized during various Super Junior activities and in numerous soundtracks. He’s also attracted attention for his talented acting in ‘Attack on the Pin-Up Boys’. He will show a different side to himself in the musical.”

‘Temptation of Wolves’ will start its run on July 12th in COEX’s Hyundai Arts Hall in Seoul.

Translation Source : allkpop

Original Source :  newsen

Place for the performance : COEXATIUM HyundaiArt Hall

More details of  ‘Temptation of Wolves’ : wikipedia

Watch [Eng sub] ‘Temptation of Wolves’ movie  : spitfiaar channel @ YT

[Trans/News] 110506 Ryeowook gets good reviews for his cooking skills

I translated just parts relevant to Ryeowook’s cooking as I’m rushing for time and the show will be broadcast in a matter of hours.

CTS Golden Stage will be broadcast on May 7 (Saturday). Every week, Super Junior-M will bring to viewers different missions and challenges. Recently, for CTS Golden Stage, Super Junior-M went to New Taipei City’s Kai Ming senior vocational school to learn Chinese cuisine. Ryeowook and Zhou Mi cooperated to cook super tasty sweet and sour pork. Chef Ke Jun Nian praised: “Ryeowook is very talented in Western cuisine!” On the other hand, Kyuhyun and Enhyuk kept couging after tasting the Mapo Tofu they cooked. While Henry and Sungmin made strange Hakka stir-fry which they themselves did not dare to try and other members criticised as “unpalatable”!

Recently SJ-M’s Eunhyuk, Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, Zhou Mi, Henry and Sungmin went to Kai Ming vocational school to learn Chinese cuisine. Two in a team, Eunhyuk and Kyuhyun challenged Mapo tofu, Ryeowook and Zhoumi challenged sweet and sour pork, Henry and Sungmin challenged Hakka stir-fry. At first, the six guys tasted their own dish. But when they saw the sweet and sour pork, members who were very calm at first, fought to eat it. Outdoor MC Angus Guo Yan Fu exclaimed: “Didn’t you guys eat?”


It turned out that Ryeowook, who received praise from Chef Ke Jun Nian, would normally cook in the dorm and showed impressive posture while cutting meat and frying meat. When Chef Ko tasted the meat that Ryeowook cooked, his eyes shone. The result was the perfect combination of colour, aroma, taste and appearance, and received much praise from the chef!


Source: 黃金舞台Facebook via Just for SJM HK
Translated by: autonomygirl @ love-ryeowook.net