[Trans] Ryeowook’s MAMACITA album Thanks to + Photocard

Thanks to..


Trans: Beloved mom and dad, thank you ^^ Super Junior members, you worked hard during the time to prepare 7jib, and I love each and everyone of you♡
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[Fanaccount] 121020 SJ 7th anniversary fanmeeting – Ryeowook excerpts

During the OX (true/false) session
The question was: “Honestly, the members think SJ fans are getting older as well”.
Many members chose O (true).
Then the MC asked Ryeowook directly: “Why did Ryeowook-ssi choose ‘O’? Why do you think SJ fans are getting older?”
Ryeowook said: “Honestly, I think the spritual age of SJ fans is very young. Thanks for your huge support for these seven long years. I’m very touched, I love you.”
Then the MC said: “Ryeowook-ssi wrapped up this question beautifully. I saw Ryeowook-ssi on Weekly Idol the other day and you were very funny. You sang Daejeon Blues…”
Then Ryeowook said to him “Please move on to other questions quickly.”
The MC replied: “I did not realise you speak this well.”
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[Trans] 6th album press conference interviews – Ryeowook excerpts

On how Super Junior has stayed together for so long
Members support one another when we have difficulties. Last year, I experienced a slump and Leeteuk-hyung helped me. We have so many members so, just like my case, when a member has a hard time, another member gives support. This time, I was very happy preparing for the sixth album.

On his competition with Sonya on Immortal Song 2
Sonya-noona, by the way, she always asks me to have a drink together. And she’s really kind to me. If it looks like I was afraid of her, that was a staged reaction for the program. The viewers are saying “Ah, when will Ryeowook win against Sonya?”. Before long, before I step down from the program, I will win against Sonya-noona for sure.  Continue reading

[Trans] ViVi magazine – Ryeowook interview

This is from a Japanese magazine. Many thanks to MIZZA for translating (see full credits at end).

Q: What is SJ for you?
A: My other self.

Q: What is the good point of being SJ?
A: Being loved by many people.

Q: What is the hardest thing as SJ?
A: I can’t go out with my friends easily, even though I’m a university student now.

Q: How is SJ 10 years later?
A: We will be doing SS14.

Q: Can you describe yourself in one word?
A: The person like sunshine. Because I have been called like that by fans.

Q: How was SS4?
A: Since all SJ members had strong feelings on SS4, I really loved it.

Q: Which point do you want to be watched by fans?
A: My efforts. AND my abdominal muscles too!
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[Pic/Trans] 111106 Ryeowook’s message for Super Junior’s 6th anniversary


[TRANS] The people who have been together in these 6 years.. E.L.F
I love you and thank you~
I really feel very happy.
Let’s continue (to be together)

You can reply to Ryeowook’s message here. Just click on his message, fill in “Name” and “Password” and your message then click ‘save’ button, your message will show up on the list. It’s easy and you don’t need to know Korean 🙂

Source: Super Junior official website
Translated by: Mona Hee (@xavier_x007x)

[Info] Musical ‘Temptation of Wolves’ Ryeowook & Hyungsik DREAM-DAY

Finally Ryeowook get a chance to perform with his lovely dongsaeng, Hyungsik!! This is a special stage summer event of the musical <Temptation of Wolves> which has only 2 rounds.

Performance info

Date & Time:

22nd September 2011 (Thursday) 8pm

28th September 2011 (Wednesday) 8pm


Coex Artium Hyundai Art Hall

Ticket sale:

Advance – 31st August 12pm

General – 31st August 1pm
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[Trans] 110819 Ryeowook excerpts from CeCi magazine interview

난 데뷔 때부터 내 팬 페이지에 게시물을 한 달에 한 번씩은 꼭 챙겨서 올린다. 거창한 건 아니고 내가 팬이라면 어떻게 해주었을 때 가장 좋을까를 많이 고민했을 때, 진심으로 나와 소통하면 좋겠다는 생각에서다. 그래서 사소한 것까지 최대한 내 속마음을 조근조근 들려주고 싶다.” by 려욱

Since my debut, I’ve been writing messages on my fansite at least once a month. It’s not something grand, but considering that if I’m a fan, what kinds of action of an idol will make me happy? I’ve concluded that if an idol should communicate with fans sincerely from the bottom of his heart, fans will be very happy. Therefore I want to tell my fans my inner thoughts, even the slightest ones, as much as I can.

Q . I saw SM Town Paris on TV. K-pop fever was amazing.

A. Ryeowook: 숙소 앞에 이제 외국 팬이 더 많을 정도다. 성민이 형의 뮤지컬을 보러 갔는데, 바로 옆 좌석에 앉은 스페인 팬들이 악수를 청하셨다. 나도 ‘어우~ 땡큐!’ 했다.(웃음)

Nowadays, among fans who wait in front of the dorm, one can find more foreign fans than Koreans. When I went to watch Sungmin’s musical, Jack the Ripper, the fans from Spain sat right beside me and asked to shake hands with me. I said “wow, thank you” (laugh)

Q. Is there a member who motivates you?

A. Ryeowook:은혁이 형! 보디라인은 우리 중 1위다. 벗겨놓으면 정말 태가 예쁘다. 깡마른 몸매 같은데 전혀 마르지 않은, 은근한 근육질이랄까.얼굴 빼고 다 배우고 싶다.(웃음)

Eunhyuk. His body is the first among SJ. He looks really good in the nude. He looks very skinny, actually he’s not skinny but he has delicate small muscles. I want to learn everything from him and take after him except his face.(Laugh)

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Q. Who is the simple man among Sj members?

Eunhyuk said: Siwon, Ryeowook & Shindong.

려욱인 일하다 생기는 고민이나 찾아오는 회의감을 “난 그래도 지금 이렇게 무대에 설 수 있다는 사실이 행복해”라면 단순하게 정리하는 재주가 있다.

Ryeowook has the talent of getting over any hardship or doubt from work simply by saying “Nonetheless I’m just happy to be performing here on the stage.”

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