[Trans] 6th album press conference interviews – Ryeowook excerpts

On how Super Junior has stayed together for so long
Members support one another when we have difficulties. Last year, I experienced a slump and Leeteuk-hyung helped me. We have so many members so, just like my case, when a member has a hard time, another member gives support. This time, I was very happy preparing for the sixth album.

On his competition with Sonya on Immortal Song 2
Sonya-noona, by the way, she always asks me to have a drink together. And she’s really kind to me. If it looks like I was afraid of her, that was a staged reaction for the program. The viewers are saying “Ah, when will Ryeowook win against Sonya?”. Before long, before I step down from the program, I will win against Sonya-noona for sure.  Continue reading

[Trans] ViVi magazine – Ryeowook interview

This is from a Japanese magazine. Many thanks to MIZZA for translating (see full credits at end).

Q: What is SJ for you?
A: My other self.

Q: What is the good point of being SJ?
A: Being loved by many people.

Q: What is the hardest thing as SJ?
A: I can’t go out with my friends easily, even though I’m a university student now.

Q: How is SJ 10 years later?
A: We will be doing SS14.

Q: Can you describe yourself in one word?
A: The person like sunshine. Because I have been called like that by fans.

Q: How was SS4?
A: Since all SJ members had strong feelings on SS4, I really loved it.

Q: Which point do you want to be watched by fans?
A: My efforts. AND my abdominal muscles too!
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