[Vid/Info] 140611 Super Junior M Greeting Message for Best of Best Concert in Taiwan

This concert will be held on Ryeowook’s birthday!!

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[Pic/Trans] 111106 Ryeowook’s message for Super Junior’s 6th anniversary


[TRANS] The people who have been together in these 6 years.. E.L.F
I love you and thank you~
I really feel very happy.
Let’s continue (to be together)

You can reply to Ryeowook’s message here. Just click on his message, fill in “Name” and “Password” and your message then click ‘save’ button, your message will show up on the list. It’s easy and you don’t need to know Korean 🙂

Source: Super Junior official website
Translated by: Mona Hee (@xavier_x007x)

[Trans] 110730 ZE:A’s official twitter update about Ryeowook

A message from ZE:A’s Park Hyungsik to Ryeowook.

[TRANS] @ZEA_9: Ryeowook hyung!!I’m looking forward to see hyung’s comback on the early of next week^_^!! Really want to see you on the music broadcast program, I guess I will feel completely strangeㅋㅋI will always support you, so grateful and admire you! Super Junior sunbaenim(senior)’s comback!!Completely look forward~~Hwaiting!^_^


Credit: ZE:A’s official twitter

Translated by: ryeomook @ love-ryeowook.net