[News] 111019 Ryeowook ‘donates’ 3.86 tons of rice to elderly


Fans of Ryeowook sent a total of 3.86 tons of rice wreaths to congratulate him for his musical Temptation of Wolves, which started its run on July 14, 2011.

On Oct 18, 2011, the rice collected was, on Ryeowook’s request, delivered to the elderly in four ‘dong’ (neighbourhoods) in Gwanak-gu (Gwanak district).

They are: 1.36 tons to Haengun-dong; 1.2 tons to Nakseongdae-dong; 800kg to Inheon-dong; and 500kg to Jungang-dong.

The wreaths were sent by fans from 10 countries, including Korea, China, Japan, Singapore and New Zealand.

Including those for other actors, a total of 5 tons of rice wreaths were donated for the Temptation of Wolves musical.

Written by: autonomygirl @ love-ryeowook.net
Source: TV Daily & Star N News
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[Pic/Info] 110810 Rice wreath support for Ryeowook’s musical debut

There was overwhelming rice wreath support for Ryeowook’s musical debut. When the musical Temptation of Wolves started its run on July 14, some Ryeowook fans already sent congratulatory rice wreaths. But a lot more poured in for his first performance on August 10.

The rice wreaths were sent by fans from 10 countries and territories — Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, and New Zealand.

The rice collected in Ryeowook’s name came up to 2.48 tons. The total for all the actors in the musical came up to 3.54 tons. The rice wreaths for the press conference on June 15 was 1.02 tons. So the grand total for the musical stands at 4.56 tons. The rice will be donated to the needy in the idol’s name.

Just as we had done for the press conference, love-ryeowook.net showed our support by sending 40kg of rice.

Our rice wreath.
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[Pics] 110615 Rice wreath support for Ryeowook’s musical

It’s now common for fans to send congratulatory rice wreaths (쌀화환) to celebrate their idols’ events such as press conferences or fan meetings. The rice is donated to charity so fans can support their idols as well as contribute to a good cause.

At the press conference of his musical Temptation of Wolves, Ryeowook’s fans from various places, including Korea, China, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore, sent Ryeowook rice wreaths totalling a ton.

We at love-ryeowook.net also sent Ryeowook 40kg of rice to show our support ↓↓↓↓

A collage of all the rice wreaths at the press conference venue.


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